A Rhinoplasty is a procedure that reshapes the nose externally for an improved appearance and/or internally for function. Issues with breathing, trauma, and/or birth defects can be corrected by having a Rhinoplasty. A cosmetic Rhinoplasty can help change the size, shape and appearance of the nose in ways such as narrowing or widening the nostrils, reshaping the tip, reducing a bump or straightening a crooked nose.


A Rhinoplasty is performed under twilight anesthesia and can be performed by using a closed technique where the sutures are hidden inside the nose or an open procedure where an incision is made across the columella. Either way, the scars are nearly invisible. Through these incisions, the skin of the nose is elevated off the cartilage and bone that support the nose. This cartilage and bone is then shaped and sculpted. If the nose needs to be augmented, cartilage from your nose (or elsewhere in your body) may be used to graft the necessary areas. The incisions are then closed and a splint is applied over the nose to allow for prompt healing. A tip plasty is the reshaping of the tip of the nose, which can become bulbous and drop over time. Each procedure is customized to meet the patient’s needs or desired result.


Part of the recovery process requires wearing a splint that will need to remain in place for one week. There will be moderate bruising and swelling on the face for the first few days. This normally disappears by the end of the first week. There is minimal pain involved in a rhinoplasty procedure and appropriate pain medication is prescribed. The patient should avoid strenuous physical activity for ten days. Most patients may return to work in one to two weeks.


Rhinoplasty is one procedure that significantly improves the patient’s appearance and can make an impact. Dr. Adler performs Rhinoplasty in a way that the patient will still look like themselves and the results have a natural, improved appearance. The new nose will blend in well with the rest of the facial features. The nasal structure is also preserved or improved so that breathing function is improved or maintained without issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there risks involved with getting a Rhinoplasty?
Yes, the risks include the following; infection, poor healing, numbness and/or pain, difficulty breathing, or an unsatisfactory nasal appearance.
Can I go home the same day as my procedure?
Yes, patients are allowed to go home following the procedure.
What anesthesia is used during a Rhinoplasty?
Twilight anesthesia is used for this procedure.
Will I have sutures that will need to be removed?
You will have a splint that will have to be removed 7-10 days after the procedure.
Are there restrictions after having a Rhinoplasty?
Yes, the restrictions include not letting glasses sit on your nose and keeping your head elevated. It is recommended to sleep alone for the first two weeks and avoid physical activity.
How long before I see the “final result”?
The splint is removed after a week but there will be swelling and healing continuing for up to a year following your Rhinoplasty.

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The Adler Process

Plastic surgery can be a big life decision. Our team can help answer questions and aid in every step of the way. Here is an overview of our 4 step process.

Meet with
Dr. Adler
and Surgery Day
Enjoy the
New You

Step 1 - Schedule Consultation

When you schedule a consultation, our administrator will review the cost of the procedure with you, explain what to expect, recovery time and answer any questions you have so you fully understand the procedure. We also schedule your Meet with Dr. Adler.

Step 2 - Meet with Dr. Adler

Prior to surgery, you will meet with Dr. Adler in person for an initial examination and in depth consultation where your case is discussed and any questions you have are answered.

Step 3 - Preparation and Surgery Day

A pre and post op package is prepared for you that is catered to your surgery that will have instructions for surgery prep . You will need to follow the instructions in the package prior to surgery day. On surgery day, you are greeted by a nurse and escorted to our on site surgical suite where you are made comfortable and a pre-op interview is conducted before surgery begins.

Step 4 - Enjoy the New You

The post operative phase is the healing period where you will follow instructions according to your post op surgery package.  You will receive attentive after-care by our staff during the healing process and afterwards you can enjoy the new you!

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