Neck Lift

A direct neck lift is a procedure used to remove excess skin from the central neck area. The procedure results in a more defined and youthful appearance!

As our skin ages, it can lose tone and definition. Lacking the natural bone structure that adds form to the face, the neck can actually be even more prone to the effects of this. The central neck (beneath the jawline and around the throat) is a region where loose or ‘scraggy’ skin is especially common.


An incision is made to the center of the neck and excess skin and fat is removed. In some cases the underlying platysma muscles may also be tightened. Typically the procedure can be conducted using only local anesthetic.


Recovery for a neck lift is fairly straightforward.  There will be some pain after surgery and and also some swelling.  Swelling can last anywhere from several weeks to up to 3 months.  Physical activity will need to be avoided for a few weeks after the procedure.  Scarring will continue to fade for up to 12 months and you must make sure to follow scar management guidelines set by Dr. Adler.


The skin on your neck will be tightened reducing double chins and turkey wattles.  The procedure will give you better overall definition of necks angles giving you a more natural and youthful appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a direct neck lift suitable for?

The procedure is typically most popular with middle-aged or older patients with unsightly excess skin around the neck and throat. It may be especially desirable for individuals whose neck shows more signs of aging than their face.

how common are negative after effects?

As with many cosmetic procedures, some degree of short-term bruising and tenderness is natural, but long-term complications are rare. However, patients must appreciate that this procedure does involve an incision to the central neck area. While this will heal and become less visible in time, it is a factor to be aware of.

The Adler Process

Plastic surgery can be a big life decision. Our team can help answer questions and aid in every step of the way. Here is an overview of our 4 step process.

Meet with
Dr. Adler
and Surgery Day
Enjoy the
New You

Step 1 - Schedule Consultation

When you schedule a consultation, our administrator will review the cost of the procedure with you, explain what to expect, recovery time and answer any questions you have so you fully understand the procedure. We also schedule your Meet with Dr. Adler.

Step 2 - Meet with Dr. Adler

Prior to surgery, you will meet with Dr. Adler in person for an initial examination and in depth consultation where your case is discussed and any questions you have are answered.

Step 3 - Preparation and Surgery Day

A pre and post op package is prepared for you that is catered to your surgery that will have instructions for surgery prep . You will need to follow the instructions in the package prior to surgery day. On surgery day, you are greeted by a nurse and escorted to our on site surgical suite where you are made comfortable and a pre-op interview is conducted before surgery begins.

Step 4 - Enjoy the New You

The post operative phase is the healing period where you will follow instructions according to your post op surgery package.  You will receive attentive after-care by our staff during the healing process and afterwards you can enjoy the new you!

Request a Consultation

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